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It's flu season, but we have a shot for that!
Nurse Rice has managed to coordinate with the Department of Health to hold an at-school flu shot clinic for October 12 from 1:30 p.m. to 3 p.m. in Students must return their signed flu forms to the nurse by October 10 to be included. The Health Department will bill your insurance, or if you have no insurance, you will still get the shot for FREE! What a deal! The forms for the flu shots are on the links page, or under the Parent Corner menu. Please get your babies these shots! Flu shot forms in English, click here! Flu shot forms in Spanish, click here!


Can I still purchase a 2023 yearbook?

The 2023 yearbook sold out in a record 9 minutes on distribution day. Because we have fewer senior tributes or ads, and we sell less books, we are on a much tighter budget. We do not order very many books - most are presold. We only order enough books to replace damaged books that may already be sold. If you want a 2024 yearbook, please buy it at Yearbooks are $60 until Feb. 1. Starting Feb. 1, they will be $70.

You can still purchase a senior tribute ad at sale prices until October 13

Students can still get their senior tribute ad at a reduced price until October 13. These ads work to both congratulate your senior on a job well done, and encourage them as they go out into the world. They provide your child with a lasting keepsake....and it all works to help pay for the school yearbook. See Mrs. Murray in room 8206; senior tribute forms are available by clicking here.


On May 23, both staff and students were very emotional as we watched our students graduate after four years of teaching and nurturing. I know your parents are proud, and we are too. We cannot wait to see the great things you will do!


Technology form to check out a chromebook
Need insurance to cover your child's chromebook? Click here!

Want to see our School Improvement Plan for 2024

We pride ourselves on always doing our best, meeting every student's needs from exactly where they are. We know there is always room to grow, and here is the plan for this year. Parkview 2023-2024 School Improvement Plan Click here.

Have you seen this article about Mr. C Michael Tidwell?

He's a legend - both in the community and at Parkview. He has spent his whole career paving the way - and finding the space for dancers who would never have been given a chance in the past. The article is a must read, click here!

Donate to Parkview while you shop!

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Help the PTSA by shopping at Kroger
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Buy a yearbook
Purchase a senior ticket
Get a transcript

Replace my high school diploma
Call in an absence for my child

Check my child out of school
Check my child into school
Rae.Rice@lrsd.org447-2305 Talk to the school nurse
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Regina.Hampton@lrsd.org447-2303 Talk to an administrator
Mitzi.Moore@lrsd.org447-2318 Talk to a guidance counselor

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Yearbook links

Buy a yearbook
Purchase a senior ticket
Senior retakes for 2023-2024: Sept. 5 in the Media Center from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. (tux and drape only!)
9th-11th photos for 2023-2024: Sept. 13-14 Media Center
Retakes for underclass October 24 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Media Center
Senior class photo 2024 TBA
Email: Judith.Murray@lrsd.org447-2365