Our Administrative Staff

Eric Henderson assistant principal for Visual Arts & Dance
Phone 447- 2312
Duties include: Coodinates and organizes registration; preparation of student handbook; handles attendance problems; coordinates cheerleading and drill teams; assists in supervision of instruction; student discipline; serves on executive committee; coordinates Boys and Girls State program; Orients newly assigned staff; supervises health room; supervises and coordinates student monitors. Other duties as assigned.

Email: Eric.Henderson@lrsd.org

James Castleberry assistant principal for band & orchestra
Phone 447- 2310
Duties include: Evaluates teachers and guides instructional evaluation and improvement, schedules fundraising drives, media services; prepares monthly calendars and weekly bulletins; work with school clubs, organizations and extra-curricular activities, oversees registrar procedures. Handles afternoon teacher-duty assignments. Assists with scheduling, computer, and counseling services. Other duties as assigned.

Email: James.Castleberry@lrsd.org

John Kelley assistant principal for Vocal Music & Drama 
Phone 447-2326
Duties include: Assigns student lockers; student discipline; athletic adviser; supervises key assignments to staff; serves on executive committee; coordinates duty and supervision staff; coorinates and supervises cafeteria and food program; plans all school scans; supervises safety and security staff; coordinates all duty staff. Other duties as assigned.

Email: John.Kelley@lrsd.org

Judy Zink assistant principal for Science  
Phone 447- 2309
Duties include: Orders textbooks and supplementary materials, supervises custodial staff; handles buses to and from school and field trips; oversee Early Morning and Afternoon Detention; student discipline; serves on executive committee; plans & coordinates all emergency drills; is senior class administrator. Other duties as assigned.

Email: Judy.Zink@lrsd.org