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Parkview Track and Field

Few students experience the exhiliaration that running long and short distances bring, but the track team knows - and loves - that feeling.

Track develops the body like no other exercise. Running tones the body all over, and develops lean muscle mass while burning fat. Arkansans have seen the way running can change a person's physique - and Oprah Winfrey and former Gov. Mick Huckabee are two examples of that process.

Like other sports at Parkview - students develop character, sportsmanship, and learn to balance extracurricular activties with rigorous coursework.

Cross country track participants run an average of three miles - something that students gradually work up to by practicing. As students continue to run, they're body becomes conditioned to the work its asked to perform, and students are able to run the long distances more easily and at a faster pace. In every competition they are in - runners compete with other track students from across the state - but they also compete against themselves: trying always to beat their previous times and distances. Sprints, hammerthrow, javelin throw, discus throw, high jump, pole vault, long jump, and triple jump are some of the outdoor events, while various sprint lengths from 50 meters to 500 meters are some of the indoor events.

If your student wants to join the Parkview Track team, they need to meet a minimum 2.0 GPA, fill out the consent form at the top of this page, and get a physical from their doctor. Physical forms are also available on this page.

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