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We remain Best By Choice

Parkview is more than just a high school - it's an experience. There is no attendance zone. Each student chooses Parkview - and we nurture each students natural curiosity, and help them develop their talents and skills - whether that is on a pottery wheel or in the medical field.

Unique magnet areas of study

Each student chooses a magnet area at the school - music, dance, drama, visual arts, or science and will specialize in that area.

Skills for work or college

In addition to our specialties in the art and medical sciences, students at Parkview can get real world training in technical aspects of these fields with real world training through our Academies and the Ford NGL program.

Seniors, keep your eyes on your goals

Seniors, graduation is right around the corner. We can not wait to see you accept your hard earned diploma at War Memorial Stadium in the spring. There is no better feeling that finishing - and in the Parkview tradition, we know you will finish strong!

Check in is upon us....

We have several thing to make check in easier for you. You can get the QR code for ninth graders here. You can get the QR code for 10-12 here; and for those parents worried about the transition for their freshman, the solution is Patriot Academy and you can get that information here.
If you are more comfortable with just clicking on a link, click here.


Nationally recognized NJROTC program

The NJROTC program helps prepare students for a career in the armed services. Some students will go onto a college level ROTC program that will allow them to enter the military as officers. Others will opt to join the service right out of high school. It's a great way for students to get ahead of the game and pay for their college with their guaranteed G.I. Bill. If this sound like something you want to do, please email Master Chief McFadden, and join other students who are choosing to serve their nation and wish to give back to their country, protect its freedoms, and improve their lives while they improve the lives of others across the globe. To see NJROTC in action, please call 447-2442