Our counseling staff really does it all. They help students schedule their classes, make sure their credits for graduation are in order, they help students through difficult times, organize the college visits for students and provide an ongoing and updated scholarship list. In fact there is so much they do, that this page can only scratch the surface. To learn more, please contact their office assistant at 447-2318 or email her at
    Our Staff
  • Monica Watson, department chair
  • Cheryl Ingram, counselor
  • Mary Taylor, counselor
  • Robert Candelaria, careeer coach
  • Mitzi Moore, office assistant
Coming in September
The counselor's site is currently under construction. However, when it launches in late September, you should be able to find links to things like the scholarship list, college visits, The FASFA site to get the ball rolling for college, and many programs and opportunities that are available for your child. There will be a link to that site when it is launched.