Gifted & Talented Education

Gifted and Talented   

        “Gifted is a term that is most accurately used when applied to adults who are “change-makers.” Children have not lived long enough to be able to make such contributions. Therefore, we can only identify potential giftedness in children. (LRSD District Definition)

LRSD Mission Statement for Gifted Education

      The Little Rock School District is committed to providing quality, equitable educational programs for students with a potential for giftedness. Thus, the gifted program is designed to challenge these students who have unique needs, abilities and talents through a variety of learning approaches including enrichment, qualitatively differentiated curricula and acceleration.

Characteristics of gifted students...

Gifted students are those who have outstanding abilities and who are capable of high performance as identified by professionals using appropriate multidimensional identification instruments and procedures.

The term gifted includes the following characteristics:

  • High Intellectual ability
  • Task commitment and /or motivation
  • Creative ability

       Gifted Services are provided at each instructional level with emphasis in challenging students who have unique needs, abilities and talents. Parkview Arts-Science Magnet High School implements the district objectives in two primary ways: Advanced Placement classes and the Magnet program.

Placement according to students needs:

A student who is not identified before entering the secondary level (middle school) may be referred to the program by anyone-teachers, parents, students and/or any other person having knowledge of the student’s abilities, achievement test data, classroom performance, awards/honors and creativity measurements. The identification process is followed after the referral is made.

Parkview’s Advanced Placement Program

Parkview currently offers 21 Advanced Placement Programs. To see the AP testing schedule click here.

HistoryGovernment (US/ Comparative)
Calculus AB
Music Theory
Calculus BC
PsychologyEnglish Language
English Literature
Environmental Science
Studio Art
European History
US History
World History

Advanced Placement program is supported by the Pre-Advanced Placement (Pre-AP) courses usually found in Middle School and the first two years in the High School experience. The courses serve as a foundation in writing, creativity and analytic problem-solving and are used primarily as pre-requisites for the Advanced Placement class.

Students are required to complete an exam in the specific class enrolled in order to receive a weighted grade. These courses are primarily designed to prepare students for College classes. Most colleges may provide some degree of college credit for students who score a 3, 4 or 5 on a specific subject test.

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