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The thrill of Friday night football games

What parents doesn't remember high school football? The marching band, the cheerleaders, and the excitement of the really close games. On Friday night - students, parents, fans, and teachers gather to cheer on their team.

Parkview is no different. Our team, and our coaches, is where you will see the difference. Parkview starts practicing for football in early July. Students are brought in for practices and weight training to increase their stamina, their strength, and their running ability. Multiple practices allow players to learn their positions long before the first game ever happens.

Parkview's teams have something else you don't see everywhere: heart and courage. Win or lose, those players suit, show up, and always hold their heads up.

Competitive football involves weightlifting and conditioning, and learning to run short and long distances at great speeds. Football players need great eye and hand coordination - and the ability to think quickly on the field.

If your student wants to join the Parkview Football team, they need to meet a minimum 2.0 GPA, fill out the consent form at the top of this page, and get a physical from their doctor. Physical forms are also available on this page.

Our coach...

Kenny A. Stephens, Jr., Department Chairperson
Teaches: World History Instructor
Education:  Bachelor of Arts in History University of Arkansas Fayetteville.
Honors: 2009 Pulaski Heights Rotary Club Teacher of Excellence Award Winner.  Spent 8 years as a police officer; 5 with the North Little Rock Police Department and 3 with the University of Arkansas Police Department.  2002 Community Service Award for the North Little Rock Police, 2001 Police Achievement Award for the North Little Rock Police. 

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