Parkview's Newest Sport: Bowling

N.C.A.A. Requirements - Before an athlete can play a sport or receive an athletic scholarship at a division I or II college, he/she must meet specific academic criteria as set forth by the NCAA. Register on line at

While not all students are athletes - all students do benefit from sports, from learning good sportsmanship, courtesy to opponent team members, and from being a member of a team. That's the why and how that Parkview bowling came to be - and the Little Rock School Board agreed - creating it as a sport in 2006.

For bowlers - its them against the pins. The sport has more to do with accuracy, concentration, and aim than athletic ability. Students from all walks of life enjoy being in the bowling alley.

A trip to the Professor Bowl last year found our students practicing and competing against Lake Hamilton - and our students showed an amazing ability to develop all the skills necessary. Students politely waiting as neighboring lanes stepped up to bowl, and high fived each other in congratulations for every strike, spare, and pin that fell.

Tryouts for bowling have not yet been announced - but usually occur in late October with the season starting in November. All students need to bring is the desire to learn how to bowl. As with all athletic events, students must be cleared by their physician and maintain the minimum GPA required by the school district.

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