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Welcome to the Parkview Family ...


For those of you who are enrolling students who have not attended Parkview in the past, we welcome you to our family. For those parents whose students are returning, we are delighted to see you back.

Whether returning or just starting, students and parents can expect the caliber of excellence that Parkview is known for: High expectations, caring and interested educators, a challenging curriculum, a safe and nurturing learning environment, and academic endeavors that are geared toward achievement and college preparation.

I want to remind you that your child's success in our school has a great deal to do with your involvement. Encourage your student to find the right balance. We expect that students will put academic achievement first, extracurricular activities second, and enter the job market only if the former priorities will not suffer. As parents, you can stay on top of your child's school work by checking Edline as part of your routine. Daily announcements that may have an impact on your child will be updated on this website each day by 11 a.m.. Attend open houses and parent conferences, along with as many of the student centered-events as your personal schedule allows. You will find a plethora of opportunities to be an involved as an audience member in plays, dance shows, band concerts, sporting activities, art shows, music recitals, and concerts.

If your child has struggled in the past with math or English, and has tested less than proficient in either of these areas, please take advantage of the free tutoring that will be offered to your child to bring them up to speed. As a school, and as a community, I know we can make a difference in your child's achievement in school and in life. We have all heard that it takes a village: We offer you ours. We don't want your children to just attend school at Parkview: we want them, and you, to be involved, engaged, interested, and enthralled. Nothing less than a world class education will be offered and nothing less than an all-out effort by students and parents is expected.

I know, as partners in your child's future, we can make a difference. I believe it, and every teacher at Parkview believes it. We will do our part – and we know that both students are parents will step up to the challenge to do theirs. The road ahead is a steep one, but the pay off will be great. Last year, our students earned a remarkable $4,855,083.00 in scholarship for a graduating class of 253 seniors.

Teachers and administrators are up for the challenge that lies ahead. This year, we throw down the gauntlet and encourage you to do the same. Be the best student you can be, be the most supportive parent you can be, and let's see just how high our scores, our students, and our achievement can climb.

I have an open door policy – please call me, come by, or e-mail me if you have questions or concerns. You will know, as I already do, that when you chose Parkview, you chose well. You will soon see why our waiting list is so long. You don't have an ordinary child – and you don't want an ordinary school. We offer you an exceptional opportunity, and encourage parents and students to make the most of it.


Dr. Dexter L. Booth

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