History and Social Studies

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Our Social Studies Department in another area where Parkview's excellence shows. Again, in this area, it's the teachers and their enthusiasm that propels our students to take an interest in the coursework. But it's not all classwork. Our studies carry our students into the community where they volunteer for real-life projects that affect the world around them.

Extracurricular activities include Accept No Boundaries. This program which grew out of NCCJ's Anytown and Unitown Camps. The group promotes better relations and understanding among students of different races, religions and cultures. Accept No Boundaries is involved in service projects such as Ringing Bells for Salvation Army, Watershed, and Rice Depot.

Each year a number of Parkview students attend several different Model U.N. competitions where issues of international concern are debated and solutions sought by those representing the nations of the world.

Parkview Quiz Bowl team always ranks high in the state tournaments and usually makes national competitions each year.

Key Club is a service organization that is sponsored by the Kiwanis Club, which has a long tradition with Parkview students. If you have any additional questions, feel free to email the Social Studies Department chairperson at Kenny.Stephens@lrsd.org

Social Studies Department offerings ...

  • Civics
  • Pre AP Civics
  • World History
  • Pre-AP World History
  • U.S. History
  • AP U.S. History *
  • African American History
  • AP Psychology *
  • AP Government
  • Psychology (semester)

Sociology (semester)
* All students who take AP courses must take the AP exams for this course to be counted as a college credit.

The Our elite social studies department includes...

Carla Jurgensmeyer, Department Chairperson
Teaches: Psychology and Sociology
Education: BA Hendrix College; MA Psychological Counseling, University of Notre Dame; MeD, secondary education, University of Arkansas at Little Rock. She is sponsor of the GSA (Gay/Straight Alliance) and the Made In Japan clubs.
Honors: Jurgensmeyer worked for nine years as a therapist and psychological examiner and taught English as a foreign language for four years in Thailand, Poland, and Argentina.

Clay Bemberg
Teaches: Civics and World History
Education: BA Sociology University of Arkansas, MEd Sport Management University of Arkansas, EdS Educational Leadership Arkansas State

Kevin Christensen
Teaches: Photography I, II, III, and IV as well as Civics & Economics
Email:  kevin.christensen@lrsd.org
Phone:  501.447.2432
Education: Bachelor of Science in Education in History. Teaches: Civics, Photography
Honors: University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences; photographer, editorial/clinical and surgical documentation as well as portrait and product studio photography; computer imaging and digital, layout assembly and digital photo retouching.

Patrick Donovan
Teaches: US History, AP US History, AP Economics
Education: BA UCLA, University of Arkansas Working on MA Ed Curriculum, Arkansas State University

Coach Rickey Hicks
Teaches: US History, African American History
Coaches: Football and Track Field
Education: BSE Social Studies with a Coaching Endorsement, University of Central Arkansas

Julie Lamb
Teaches: Pre-AP World History, AP Human Geography
Education:BA History UCA, MAT UCA

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