Parkview Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps

Known and respected throughout the community

The Parkview NJROTC Unit was established in 1971, and is one of the oldest established
NJROTC units in the country. The unit has a storied history which includes lengthy tours of duty by its Senior Naval Science Instructors. The previous instructors, Lieutenant Commander James Castleberry, USN-Retired and Sergeant Major Randal Jernigan, USMC-Retired, served in the U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps for 23 years. The current Senior Naval Science. Instructor is Master Chief Voniya McFadden served 30 years in the Navy and the Naval Science Instructor is Petty Officer 1st Class Kenneth Rice served 20 years in the Navy both before assuming their positions as the Naval Science Instructors of NJROTC at Parkview. Its outstanding Drill Exhibition Team and Color Guard are called upon continuously to perform at various services and activities throughout the community. They perform for senior citizens, veteran groups, elementary and middle schools as well as numerous civic organizations. Parkview NJROTC is proud to represent Parkview Arts/Science Magnet High School and carry its Red, White and Blue school Colors.

Four years can open a door to the future for your child

NJROTC is a four year program and Naval Science I through IV is aligned with grades 9-12. Freshman in Naval Science I are taught Basic MIlitary Drill, Uniform Regulations, and NJROTC History. This course is the building block of the program. One of the benefits of the unit and course is the NJROTC NSI course allows NJROTC students to obtain their health and PE credits which is a state requirement for graduation. Sophomores in Naval Science II are taught Maritime History from Early Western Civilization to present time during the first half of the course and Naval Sciences such as Meteorology and Oceanography during the second half of the course. Naval Science III offers Junior students studies in Naval Knowledge and Skills. The Naval Science IV course is a Leadership Laboratory for Senior students. Cadets are also trained and act as staff members in the daily operations of the unit.

The instructors

Command Master Chief Voniya J. McFadden (USN Retired)
Bachelor of Science, Liberal Arts Excelsior College (Honors) Notable
Honors: He retired from the United States Navy after serving over 30 years of honorable and faithful service. His last tour of duty includes serving as a Command Master Chief of an F-18 Squadron, CVW-11 Nimitz Strike group out of Lemoore, CA, where he served as the Senior Enlisted liaison to the Commanding Officer. He is certified as a Naval Science Instructor by the U.S. Navy and Licensed by the Arkansas State Department of Education, while currently serving as the Naval Science Instructor at Parkview Magnet High School.

Petty Officer Kenneth R. Rice Sr.
Education: Bachelor of Science, Workforce Education and Development (Cum Laude)
Honors: He retired from the United States Navy after 20 years of honorable and faithful service. His last tour of duty was in beautiful San Diego, CA, where he was assigned as a manpower and training officer for Commander Naval Surface Force Pacific. He is certified as Naval Science Instructor by the U.S. Navy and licensed by the Arkansas State Department of Education.

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