Parkview Counseling Team

Vision Statement
We provide numerous opportunities for students to discover and accept themselves for their unique talents thereby, encouraging and promoting lifelong learning.

Mission Statement:
The Parkview guidance office exists to support the academic, personal, and social growth of the individual as well as empower him/her to become a productive citizen. It is our desire to promote a sense of self-satisfaction.Counselors are available Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. While the office is open on Fridays, drop-in visits are restricted to accommodate student and District mandated paperwork.

Our staff

Monica Watson, chairperson for the counseling department and counselor for students in drama and science students whose last names start with N through Z

Monica Watson, Chairperson. 10th-12th grade Drama & Science students whose last names begin with N-Z. Ninth grade drama, band, orchestra, and vocal music
Phone 447- 2304
Monica Watson, Counseling Chairperson
Bachelor of Science, Speech and Hearing; Masters in Special Education; Certified Counselor
Coordinates Classroom Guidance Orientations & Lessons
Coordinates Career Assessment Activities
Coordinates Special Projects assigned by building Principal & Mrs. Lequieta Grayson, Director of Counseling
Coordinates Truancy Intervention Data- begins after Labor Day

• NCAA Coordinator Junior & Senior Students
• Parent Meetings Coordinator for Counselors
• Senior Guidance Newsletter
• Financial Aid Workshop Coordinator
• Service Learning Coordinator
• College Fair & Job Fair Coordinator
• Guidance Advisory Committee Coordinator
• Scholarship Coordinator
• Academic Fridays Coordinator-(career guidance, encouragement and support for students who take Pre-AP and AP classes) – Facilitated by College & Career Coaches
• Drop Out Prevention Coordinator & SBIT Committee Member
• Annual Report- Testing Statistics, AP, EOC & ASVAB Final Reports submitted and Final Report of students accepted
• Annual Guidance Report- compiles final product –including statistical data for College Going Rate in section
C.; section VII. Implementation Plan to Increase Minority participation in Advanced Placement and Pre-AP courses

Contact Number and E-Mail:

Natasch Acker, counselor for students band, orchestra, vocal music and science students with last names A through E.

Natasch Acker, 10th-12th grade Band, Orchestra, Vocal Music and & Science students whose last names begin with A-E and all ninth grade sceince students.
Phone 447- 2316

Masters in Counselor Education, University of Arkansas at Little Rock; Masters in Teaching from Columbia College in Chicago, National Board Certified Teacher..
• Arkansas Commitment
• ESOL Counselor / Committee for Parkview
• Freshman Guidance Newsletter & Sophomore Guidance News Letter
• NCAA Coordinator for Freshman & Sophomore Student Athletes
• Summer Programs List-Revised Monthly (Spring Semester)
• HOBY Coordination
• Delta Presents Coordinator
• Editor for all Guidance Correspondence
• Alpha Phi Alpha Debutante Coordinator
• SBIT & DOP Participant
• Annual Report- Honor Graduates, Arkansas Scholars data, Scholarship data

Contact Number and E-Mail: 447-2316

Mary Taylor, counselor for visual arts, dance and science students whoses last names begin with F throguh M

Mary Taylor, Counselor for
all Dance and Visual Arts students, & 10th-12th grade Science students whose last names begin with F-M
Phone 447-2319

Degrees: Psychology from Arkansas State University in 1988, and has been a teacher since that year. She worked at three different psychiatric hospitals before moving to LRSD in 1996. She has primarily been a teacher for students who receive services under IDEA (1988-2000). She is certified in special education (K-12) Communications (7-12), English (7-12), and School Guidance Counseling (K-12).
• Guidance Liaison for Special Needs- testing accommodations for AP & PSAT
• NCAA Coordinator –juniors & seniors
• Arkansas Rehabilitation Coordination
• Junior Newsletter
• Marketing Coordinator- Announcements for the Department and Website
(Assist Mrs. Moore, Counselor Secretary & Judith Murray) with Updates to Counselor Corner on Parkview Website
• Ground Hog Shadowing Coordinator
• SBIT & DOP Participant
• Annual Report- ACT , SAT, PLAN & PSAT Statistical Data; Career & Ground Hog shadowing data

Contact Number and E-Mail: 447-2319

Ms. Mitzi Moore, office assistant to the counseling department
Mitzi Moore, Office Assistant 
Phone 447- 2318
Degrees: Bachelor of Arts. Graphic Design
Duties: Provides support to counselors, Coordinates College Visits, Performs Office Duties as Needed or Assigned; Provides Tours of the Building for perspective parents; Coordinates Awards Ceremony, Supervises Monitors. Makes appointments with counselors.
Contact Number and e-mail: 447-2318

Standardized Test Dates ACT - ACT's research indicates that students score best when they delay testing until their junior year. (ACT no writing cost $50.50 regular fee; The ACT with writing cost is $67. ACT Registration Deadline is Sept. 28 for the Oct. 27 test; Nov. 2 deadline for the Dec. 8 test; Jan. 11 deadline for the Feb. 9 test; March 8 deadline for the April 13 test; May 3 deadline for the June 8 test and June 14 deadline for the June 13 test. You can register for the ACT at

SAT Registration Date Deadlines are Sept. 18 for the Oct. 6 test; Oct. 16 for the Nov. 3 test; Nov.. 13 for the Dec. 1 test; Feb. 19 for the March 9 test; April 16 for the May 4 test, and May 14 for the June 1 test Cost is $47.50 for the standard test and $64.50 for the SAT with essay test. Register for the SAT click here.

AP (Advanced Placement) Tests - These will be free to students this year. They will be given May 6-17 and make up exams will be May 22-24 2019. Students are given the opportunity to pursue college level studies while still in high school and to receive advanced placement and/or credit upon entering college. Credit is established by tests administered at course's completion and must be evaluated in terms of the specific program the student wishes to pursue at college

Student Recommendations ...

Miscellaneous Student Recommendations - Please supply teachers and counselors with completed information along with resume' and allow ten (10) working days for completion of recommendation.

Miscellaneous Information
N.C.A.A. Requirements - Before an athlete can play a sport or receive an athletic scholarship at a division I or II college, he/she must meet specific academic criteria as set forth by the NCAA. Register on line at

Selective Service Registration - With few exceptions, all male United States citizens and male aliens residing in the U.S. and its territories must register within the period starting 30 days before, and ending 30 days after their 18th birthday. Men who fail to register, as required by law, cannot qualify for federal student grants or loans for college, job training benefits and many state and federal jobs. Register via the internet at: You can also register by going to your local post office. Driver's License - Arkansas law requires a high school student to have a 2.0 grade point average for the latest completed semester. Obtain the request form from Ms. Shepherd, the registrar, or e-mail her at

Parent Teacher Student Association Meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. in the Media Center.